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For Melody and her team at RV PandA, this event was more than just an opportunity to give back to those in need. It was also a chance to spread the word about their brand new Ecommerce platform for RV Parts and Accessories – Thanks to the extensive press coverage that the Big Balloon Build received both nationally and internationally, they were able to get their name out to a much wider audience than they ever could have imagined.

RV Panda - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Big Balloon Build Sponsor 

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of the Inspiration Ministries Board of Directors, our treasured residents and trainees and staff for blessing us by bringing The Big Balloon Build to Lake Geneva.  The event was truly astonishing – hats off to you and your amazing team members!  I could have never comprehended the enormity of the task until I saw it with my own eyes.  And better yet, to see it in the eyes of visitors!  You delivered joy, awe and wonder to every single person who ventured through the experience."

Janis Healy - Senior Strategist  Inspiration Ministries - Charity 

"It was a Big decision to host the Big Balloon Build. As  a non profit organization that regularly hosts 5-7 groups simultaneously, it was a big deal for us to close our site to just one event for a week. However in the end we realized it was a great decision, it was wonderful to get exposure about our camp to thousands of people who may not have come here if not for the Big Balloon Build. We were able to make many new relationships and connections both within our community and within our greater geographic area. If we had to choose again we would definitely host the Big Balloon Build!

Jason Fisher - Associate Director Covenant Harbor Venue

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