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Jenn Nykios - Fun by the Yard - Indiana, USA

Heydi Alvarado - Heydis Party Decorations - Essex, England

Liz Romani - Valley Party Supplies - Vincennes, USA


Making a difference in the Community

The Big Balloon Build™ is focused on a local charitable cause, whose mission is to promote the health and wellbeing of children, whether they are underprivileged or have a disability.

The Big Balloon Build will give them an experience unlike any other. Creating a magical immersive wonderland out of balloons.

Additionally it raises awareness of the cause, providing an opportunity for them to gain additional support.

What is the Big Balloon Build™?

It's not a training course or a convention .... It's not like anything you've done before!  We provide a special event and platform to be used by a charitable organization for promotional and advertising purposes.  To raise awareness about their cause and mission.  


Every Big Balloon Build™ is different, each an absolutely unique opportunity! Allowing you to create something you could not do alone.

Challenging yourself as an individual, and as part of a team to create interactive world-class decor for an amazing cause.


Using more balloons than you've ever seen!

As a balloon artist, you have dreamed of working on giant projects, creating something spectacular. However this is out of reach for the majority of decorators working on their own.

The Big Balloon Build™ gives the opportunity to create an unbelievable display. Working as part of a team with like minded balloon decorators, artists and twisters.

Depending on the build we will use anywhere between 60,000 and 100,000+ balloons.


What can you expect?

All involved need to commit fully to being part of the team. You must be open to challenging yourself, and being challenged by others. Discovering what you are capable of within a supportive environment.

We will really push your boundaries as balloon artists and as a team over the length of the build. Each day will have a structured building time between 8.30am to 5.30pm 

Just as important is the social side. Developing lifelong friendships and connections while relaxing and chatting over food and drinks each evening

Opening your horizons to what is possible!

You will be involved in every aspect of delivery, from inflating tens of thousands of balloons to solving problems.

You may be looking at some of these pictures and thinking "I can't do this, it's too big!"


Part of being involved in the Big Balloon Build™ is showing what is possible, empowering you with an amazing sense of individual achievement and team satisfaction from what we create together.


Partnering with the best in the business

There are four major partners in each and every Big Balloon Build. The HOST Balloon Company, and Charity that they are supporting, provide the local focus. See our page "Host a Build" for more info.


Then we have our partners in the Balloon World.  They are Pioneer Balloons and PremiumConwin.


PremiumConwin,  supply us with their full range of professional balloon inflation equipment, and Pioneer Balloons, supply us with Qualatex balloons. We use both products exclusively on each and every Big Balloon Build Worldwide.

"... it gives you an immense feeling of family, motivation, determination, strength and satisfaction once its completed, and at every stage throughout!"

Kirstin Tuddenham - Create & Cherish Events - 

"OMG! We had the best time!! A definite life changer! … Working alongside industry colleagues and celebrating at the end of each day was beyond measure!""

Kath Cassebarth - Balloons Unlimited - California, USA

"I would definitely attend another Big Balloon Build™. It is an incredible and memorable experience that I feel you cant get from other traditional training courses or conventions"

Alex Ventura - Pacha Balloons

Ontario, Canada

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