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You want to HOST the Big Balloon Build™?

Being the Host of a Big Balloon Build is a huge responsibility, and also one of the most rewarding endeavors you will ever undertake.


We need to make sure that you, your city and chosen charity are the perfect fit for a Big Balloon Build, so we have a very specific selection process to ensure that we can work together to make the greatest possible impact.

If you are interested, please continue to read.  The recruitment process is thorough and many applicants but very few places.  So we need you to make the best application that you can so you stand out.


Here is what we are looking for in a Host


Our Hosts must be:

  • excellent communicators with a "can do" attitude.

  • have strong links with leaders in their community as well as with local businesses and key influencers.

  • able to deliver on agreed tasks to specific deadlines.

  • able to influence key local people and media to support the Big Balloon Build™.

  • able to take direction, as well as work in a team.

  • a registered business, with good reputation in the balloon industry.

  • professional, but also persistent in your approach.

  • able to provide time each week to ensure the delivery of key objectives and goals to agreed deadlines to achieve the Big Balloon Build™.

How much times does it take?

The Big Balloon Build™ takes a tremendous amount of development and planning.


From the time a balloon company applies to become a Host Candidate, through the full selection process up to the actual Big Balloon Build itself can take between 18 months to 2 years, depending on the location and other circumstances.


You will go through several rounds in the selection process, and although we cannot guarantee that you will be successful, we will provide guidance in how to have a better opportunity of becoming one of our next Big Balloon Build hosts.


Getting the right "HOST" and City

Each Big Balloon Build™ is a huge undertaking. Our team will invest a huge amount of time, effort and expertise into making it happen.


We need to ensure that the chosen Host as well as their City, Charity and Community is fully prepared and able to deliver the most amazing experience, through the Big Balloon Build™.

What makes a Host city the right place?

Every Big Balloon Build™, partners with a charity whose focus is disadvantaged children or children with disabilities, giving them an experience like no other.


The key to success is the partnership between the Big Balloon Build™, the Charity, the Community the Venue and local businesses. It is essential that the HOST has the ability to gain the support of all of these. 

Grasp this once in a lifetime opportunity

For those lucky enough to be selected, this will be an unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make an impact on your community. 

Not only will you personally be learning and developing throughout this process, you'll also see a massive positive impact on your business, through media coverage, press releases, and increased networking with business and community leaders.


"I wanted to come back because I loved the experience, and most importantly I love the reason why we where there building for a cause."

Julie Cylla - Top Notch Balloon Creations - Michigan, USA

"it’s the perfect mixture of pressure and fun … I love pushing the boundaries and being part of something so huge. The sense of achievement was amazing."

Gemma Purchase - Balloon Room Boutique - Hertfordshire, England

"Would highly recommended for those that want to learn, experience and totally absorb in what a balloon community can achieve together"

Nic Raistrick - Balloon & Party Faces - Burnley, ENGLAND

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