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BBB Wisconsin Brochure Page One , what is the Big Balloon Build
Wisconsin BBB Brochure Page 2. What is the Big Balloon Build
Inspiration Ministries Big Balloon Build

Please review the Cost & Itinerary before you apply for the Build. 

"It's amazing!! I love them, I love the designs, making things with balloons all day, learning new techniques & being with friends. Can’t wait for the next one!"

Victoria Adcock Cooke - Artyloons - Lutterworth, England

"I would go on another Big Balloon Build™ in a heart beat! … be ready to make some amazing friends, and be a part of something bigger than all of you"

Jenn Nykios - Fun by the Yard - Indiana, USA

"This is like nothing else as it's a huge build with different people and skills. Coming together to achieve a breath taking end result. "

Kerry Ferguson - Pioneer Europe

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