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A Builder's Perspective - Dena Atchley

Dena Atchley, owner of Dena the Balloon Lady, shares her thoughts on the Big Balloon Build

Builds attended:

Vincennes, Indiana Candyland Big Balloon Build, April 2022

Kansas City Enchanted Journey to Toytown Big Balloon Build, Dec 2022

This is Dena Atchley, owner of Dena the Balloon Lady. She has been in business for over 10 years. Dena comes from Springfield, Missouri and is one of our amazing Builders who has already attended two Big Balloon Builds, and has signed up for her third one, in March of 2023 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She is full of life, comes to each build with a positive attitude and an amazing skill for detail.

Dena poses with the amazing carousel horse she created for the "Enchanted Journey to Toytown" Big Balloon Build in Kansas City, MO

From Dena's perspective:

We asked Dena what would she say about the Big Balloon Build to another Balloon Professional after her experience in Kansas City. Here is what she said:

"There is nothing like being thrown into a hands-on Build! It is an opportunity to use current skills and also learn new! It is a chance to make new lifelong friendships and business connections . The people at the Big Balloon Build with you, will become like family! Conventions are great, but the BBB is on another level!"

"I am not sure how anyone could participate in a BBB and not feel different when they left. It is a rare opportunity to be involved in using your skills to make a huge impact in a community and to a specific charity. After touring Operation Breakthrough, I felt so privileged to have been a small part in helping to make a contribution to their mission and work."

Any final thoughts Dena?

Since Dena has signed up for three Big Balloon Builds so far, we asked her what is it about the Builds that keeps her coming back? Here is what she said:

"There are so many learning opportunities. In addition to that, the camaraderie that is made between everyone is so amazing. That is definitely something that doesn’t happen, at least in the same way, at conventions!"

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Dena. We enjoyed having you as part of the team making a difference in Vincennes and Kansas City. Congratulations on your leadership roles of being a Team Lead at the Lake Geneva Build and a Detail Lead on the Kansas City Build. We are excited to work with you again in March as we make a difference to the city of Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

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1 opmerking

14 apr. 2023

Thank you for sharing this BBB! This is an excellent post about Dena Atchley's experience with the Big Balloon Build - it was great to get her perspective, and I appreciate the detail that you went into describing her journey.

Patrick Wyatt

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