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A Builder's Perspective - Frankie Green

Frankie Green from Celebrations by Suzie shares her thoughts on the Big Balloon Build

Build attended - Kansas City Enchanted Journey to Toytown Big Balloon Build, Dec 2023

Meet Glendora-Franklin (Frankie) Green, owner of Celebrations by Suzie. A dynamic, high-energy, amazing Balloon Professional from Temple Hills, Maryland who attended her first ever Big Balloon Build in Kansas City this past December. Working alongside 65 Balloon Professionals from around the world, this is the recounting of Frankie's experience at the Build.

Frankie poses for a picture with the finished purse shop from the Kansas City Big Balloon Build.

From Frankie's perspective:

We asked Frankie what would she say about the Big Balloon Build to another Balloon Professional after her experience in Kansas City. Here is what she said"

(Grabs Mic)

"The Big Balloon Build is an absolutely phenomenal way to give to a worthy cause while building your toolkit with new friendships, skills, business promotion, and simple tricks to take your business up a notch.

" Whether you are a novice or a professional with over twenty years in the business, you will learn something from this build. The team from Stuart to Liz to Kerys to Darren and Peyton were fire from start to finish. They were extremely participatory, hands on, and simply brilliant. As part of the team, you become problem solvers, thinkers, doers, and ultimately friends that can last a lifetime.

"It was an honor to be a part of this build and I cannot even fathom what the next build holds, but I will be there front and center to be a part of it. Oh, and this time I have more confidence in my abilities, so I will definitely send the press releases to local outlets. One day soon, Celebrations by Suzie will be in lights. We will be a household name!

"I have the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest Balloon Artists in the country. I will be returning to the Big Balloon Build in March because I want to continue to grow my craft and keep in touch with the latest trends in balloon decor. Not only that, networking possibilities are amazing."

Any final thoughts Frankie?

"As a black woman, representation matters. I feel like there was so much representation of brown figures in the display. And our kids need that. There was even an elf in a wheelchair. I thought that the twister did an amazing job representing all types of visitors that they may encounter.

"I think that it made a difference that so many kids were there that will benefit from our generosity, love and compassion. I think it made a difference in the lives of every single guest and builder. Because let's be clear. The builders were sent out for over an hour. When we returned, we were just amazed as the VIP guests.

"I held back tears as I visited what we accomplished in just four small days. The vision. The brilliance. The effort. The blood, sweat and tears from you guys - made a difference. I am giving you a standing ovation as I type this!"

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Frankie. We enjoyed having you as part of the team making a difference in Kansas City. You are phenomenal. We are excited to work with you again in March as we make a difference to the city of Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

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